Rates for Guitar Repairs & Custom Work

Brighton Guitar Workshop offers a comprehensive guitar servicing, repair, restoration & customisation service. Please feel free to get in touch for quotes although for many custom jobs it’s hard to give exact prices over the phone or by email though I will give you a guide price.

Guitar Needs Refretting

For common repairs such as set ups, re-frets and electrical, prices as follows:

Basic set up includes re-string (guitars only), setting action height & intonation, checking & adjusting the truss rod,  levelling & polishing frets and cleaning electrics.

Basic guitar set up ,including strings: £35
Basic bass set up, not including strings: £30

Re-fret guitar and bass with rosewood fingerboard, no binding: £120
Re-fret guitar and bass with maple fingerboard, binding or other: Phone for quote.

Pickup fitting/ replacing single: £20
Pickup replacing two or three: £30

Broken neck or headstock, starting price: £40

Nitro finishing body, starting at: £180
Nitro finishing neck starting at: £90
Relic Nitro finishes: As above

Custom bodies from: £145
Custom necks from: £145

EverTune guitar bridge fitting from: £225
We can also supply an EverTune bridge for fitting, please contact us for details

Non bolt on neck guitars: Phone for a quote.